Booking Rules

  • Members can book online 14 days prior from 7 am. Although the new booking sheet will automatically appear after midnight, the links to "book now" will only be operational from 7 am onwards on the day when booking 14 days prior.
  • Alternatively, members can book by phone 14 days prior from 9am when the reception desk opens.
  • Members should select their opponent's name to show on the booking sheets.
  • Tennis -- Maximum 2 hours per member per day.
  • Court Fees
    • Each member has an account within the booking system and must have sufficient credit in order to book a court.
    • You can purchase (minimum) £10 booking system credit with an online credit/debit card transaction. .
    • Tennis
      • 75p booking fee per 30 minutes at all times except for the currently started 30-minute time slot and following hour.
      • + £2 per 30 minutes for floodlights when sunset occurs before booking end time. The booking sheet prices are automatically adjusted based on sunset times.
    • Squash
      • £5.00 per hour at peak times -- Monday - Saturday from 4.30pm to 9pm
      • £2.50 per hour off-peak -- all other times including bank holidays all day.
      • Juniors: £2.50 per hour at all times.
    • Members can share booking fees by using the facility to Transfer Credit -- on the day playing, the system will automatically send an email to invite playing partners/opponents to use this facility to share the booking fees paid by the member who booked the court.
    • When playing a Guest (non-member), you must select "Guest £4" as your playing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheets.
    • The system will automatically charge the £4 Guest Fee to your booking system account by adding £4 to the booking fee already paid.
    • When playing tennis, you only need to select Guest £4 once for any 30-minute booking within your session.
    • If you're no longer playing a Guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the court fee will automatically revert to the normal rate (and your account will be credited).
    • This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing.
    • If you forget to select Guest as the playing partner/opponent before playing, then please be sure to use the facility to "TransferCredit" (£4) to the Guest account.
    • Guest are only permitted to play 3 times in a year before they must join.
  • Check-in/No-show Policy
    • The member who booked the court is required to check-in to confirm court usage within 1 hour prior to the reserved start time (or within an hour after playing).
    • Any selected playing partner/opponent may also check-in to confirm court usage on behalf of the member who booked the court.
    • The system assumes a "no-show" if the member who booked the court fails to check-in.
    • On each occasion, the system will automatically charge a £2 no-show penalty in addition to the court fee already paid to the member's booking system account.
    • On each occasion, the system sends an email notification at 10am on the day following the no-show with a reminder to check-in next time.
    • Please note you will need to know your system PIN to check-in on the touch screen "kiosk" system in the club bar. You can look-up your PIN when logged into the website, or use the Forgotten Password process.
  • Late-Cancellation policy:
    • When unable to play, please cancel as soon as possible so others may use the court.
    • Full refund (as booking system credit) when cancelled more than 24 hours prior to start time.
    • No refund when cancelled within 24 hours, unless the court is re-booked -- in this case, the late-cancellation charge is automatically refunded (and no charges will appear on your booking system account).
    • In case of tennis cancellation due to bad weather, please contact the office to request a refund.

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